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Gardening Ministry: A More Excellent Way...

As a congregation committed to community engagement and empowerment, we are duty bound to provide multiple opportunities to listen to our neighbors and to work with them to improve the quality of life for us all. We know first hand, access to fresh fruits and vegetables are in our zip code is beyond being challenging. The nearest grocery store is three miles away and most in our community rely upon an unreliable public transportation.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced early closure of schools. Our schools are a source of nutrition for children and young adults. Food banks across Baltimore are distributing food to those in need. However, what about in the long run? What will happen when the harvest season ends and cold weather disrupts the food supply?

While the weather is still warm and the opportunity presents itself, we decided to seek God with a "what if."

What if we, as did the writer of the Gospel of Luke (1.3), sought a more excellent way...

  • ask community members, including children and youth, if they would be interested is establishing a community garden

  • ask what would they like to grow

  • ask for their input in the planning and commitment to maintaining the garden

To this end, we are establishing partnerships with the University Maryland Extension and The Black Church Food Security Network. These partnerships allows us to learn how to create a sustainable garden, containerized and raised bed. We can grow herbs and veggies which we can eat come Thanksgiving Day. Equally our working together will yield strong healthy relationships. Our pathway forward to our garden ministry began today.


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