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Our Church Boards & Ministries

Church Organizational Chart


AME Commissions

The AME Book of Discipline outlines that each local church shall establish several commissions. Each Commission has an appointed Steward as their chairperson. Commissions are responsible for the ministries under their appointment.

Steward Board

The Board of Stewards are the spiritual lay leaders of the Church. The aspects of their duties are spiritual, financial, advisory and administrative. Stewards are appointed by the Pastor, confirmed by the Quarterly Conference, and serve for a period of 1 year.

Trustee Board

The Board of Trustees is made up of at least three members and no more than nineteen. The Pastor shall nominate twice the number of Trustees to be elected. The trustees are elected by the Church membership. Elections are held annually. Trustees manage the temporal concerns of the Church, make improvements upon the property or real estate when authorized to do so by the vote of the simple majority Church members in good standing.

The boards and ministries of Allen A.M.E. Church are put in place to create structure, mature, and expand the body of Christ.  


The stewards are the religious leaders in the church appointed by the pastor. They must know and love the Word of God and Doctrine. He or she must also be fruitful and of good natural or acquired ability to transact the spiritual and temporal business of the church.


Althea Clark - Vice Chair

Krystal Burgess

Robert Buster, Jr.

Andrea Foxworth

Kevin Jones, Sr.

Charlene McClain-Boykin



Missionaries are called to strengthen our faith and sent to continue the ministry of

Ministry Leader

Monique Jones - President

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The trustees are a group of people elected and trusted to manage the temporal affairs of the kingdom of God. They are responsible for the management, maintenance, development, and use of the property.


Tina Johnson Jackson - Vice Chair

Ja'Ceyha' Smith - Vice Chair

Sharon Burgess

Raymond Wilson

Kevin Jones, Jr.

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The purpose of the local lay organization is to get the membership of the local church involved in spiritual and political areas of the AME Church.

The Lay Organization of the AME Church is commissioned to teach, train and empower its members for lay ministry, and global leadership and service following the beliefs of Jesus Christ.

Ministry Leader

Lydia Wilson - President

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Women's Misionary
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