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What Is to Come?

'Perhaps God is not calling you to what is but what is to come... be in place when what is to come arrives,' are words now Bishop Vashti M. McKenzie spoke to me some thirty years ago. Her words have carried me to this day. They nudge me to stay focused on my God-given passion, my calling.

The Lenten experience, the time of reflection, repentance, and spiritual renewal does not have to end on Resurrection Sunday, April 17, 2022. We can continue to practice reflecting upon our relationship with God, humanity, and the rest of creation. Write a note to God and our younger selves. Express our raw feelings. We can practice repentance. Forgive ourselves for decision which we made that were not in the interest of our well-being.

How are we treating ourselves? Can we trust that God can and will meet us at the level of our needs? Do we want to? We can practice allowing God to renew our spirit. Go for the walk, enjoy Netflix from the comfort of home, and insist on eating foods which nourishes your creative self. And oh yeah... prioritize our wellness visits to our health care professional, including eyes, dental and hair stylist. Dare to gain the courage to get to know God for ourselves. Connect with our God-given passion and calling. Put an alert on your electronic device, check in with self each month.

What is to come for us, is closer than we think. Be in pace.

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