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Simple Meal

This year, due to COVID-19, my annual pilgrimage to worship with the Religious Society of Friends, a Quaker community, will be virtual. Each year during vacation from my pastoral duties, I look forward to gathering in silence. Worship takes place among a community of believers without scripture reading, singing, or preaching. Meaningful, empowering worship takes place in silence. At the end of the Meeting for Worship, I am invited to share joys and sorrows. If I have a specific concern about a person or thing, I can ask the community of believers to join me holding it in the Light. The worship is followed by the simple meal in the fellowship hall.

The simple meal: soup, salad, and bread served on print free stoneware. Flatware, well worn is provided. In reflection, I realize the purpose for the simple meal: comfort, build trust, a safe place to share ideas, and perhaps experience joy. I am committed to preparing more simple meals. I am committed to sharing more simple meals with friends and yet to be friends. I am committed the simple fact that I am a friend of God, God calls me friend. I am committed to simple period. In my current reality, I simply need comfort, trust, a safe place to share ideas, and joy. You?

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