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Pathway Forward

Respond... Connect... Recover... is a tagline for a Maryland Department of Health advertisement currently airing on television in Baltimore. It prompts viewers to answer the call from MD COVID and provide vital information to contact tracers. The ultimate aim is raise public awareness and stop the spread of COVID-19. This virus is not to be dismissed as something which, in time, will go away if we ignore its existence. We do however have to prepare for the time when we are no longer in crisis mode. Recovery will come. What will it look like? I do not know. Nevertheless, my coping mechanism has switched to the question the four lepers of 2 Kings 7:3-9 asked themselves, "Why sit we here until we die?"

I have chosen to seek the pathway forward to recovery. The Respond... Connect... Recover... tagline is an opportunity for me to anticipate better than whatever I may experience on any given day. There are no guarantees yet I am moving in the direction of recovery with anticipation. I seek the sacred space, most likely hidden from public view, where The LORD sends angels to minister to me in my weakest moments. I anticipate and welcome unexpected provision from unanticipated sources which will strengthen me for the journeys ahead. I hope the same for you. Shalom.

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